VFD Video Cameras


End-to-end IP security camera systems are AI-powered and built with simplicity in mind.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is our most precious asset. At Visual Firearm Detection (VFD), we understand the importance of maximizing every moment, especially in security and safety. Our IP security camera systems are designed to empower you to detect and respond faster than ever.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that our cameras deliver unrivaled performance and reliability. With advanced features and intuitive interfaces, monitoring your surroundings has never been easier or more effective.

With VFD Cameras, you’re investing in peace of mind. Trust our technology to help you stay one step ahead of potential risks, whether it’s deterring intruders, protecting assets, or ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Experience the difference that VFD Cameras can make in your security strategy.

Major Features Include:


Stay vigilant with video analytics that swiftly alert you to irregularities and potential threats. VFD's AI-driven IP surveillance cameras enable you to identify, verify, and respond promptly, enhancing the safety of your premises.


Enhance visibility throughout your buildings and fortify perimeters with VFD indoor and outdoor IP security cameras. Engineered to deliver crisp footage, these cameras enable you to discern crucial details, even in demanding environments.


Reliable end-to-end systems for your peace of mind. Enhance your security infrastructure with VFD. Our PoE video cameras are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability, featuring configurations tailored for various deployments.