VFD Control Center

Orchestrate Integration With VFD Control Center

Automatically accelerate the flow of information to those who need it, when they need it.

Timeliness, productivity and controlling costs are essential to successful operations. The integration of Visual Firearm Detection and VFDCC with Orchestrate offers a workflow automation solution that addresses operational efficiencies and breaks down siloed technology barriers, allowing businesses to do more with less. Orchestrate is a simple, user-friendly and cloud-based interface tool that gives administrators the ability to configure and automate workflows that control their integrated security technology ecosystem. When Orchestrate is combined with VFDCC, users are able to create workflows with the initial trigger coming from video analytic events that result in automated actions to be taken as a result within your technology ecosystem.

Major Features Include:


Detects more objects with expanded
object classifications.
Greater accuracy for faster responses,
even in crowded scenes.
Improved analytic event generation and
appearance search results.


Expedite detection & response.
Reusable, standardized workflows.
Cross-technology connections


Real-time holistic creation and view of
Rule-based event triage.
Secure connection across technology.