Mass Notifications

Mass Notification Technologies to Protect the Public

Quickly and reliably send emergency mass communication across multiple modes of communication in seconds.

A mass notification system is a communication tool enabling administrators to send simultaneous alerts to individuals or groups based on predefined criteria during emergencies. Utilizing lists, locations, or other factors, the system can deploy notifications through various channels, rapidly alerting thousands of people to potential danger, potentially preserving numerous lives and delivering crucial information promptly.

Major Features Include:


Ensure all the right people get the right message at the most critical times via multiple channels of communication (e.g., SMS text, email, voice calls, social media and desktop alerts).


Audience targeting enables people to be arranged according to their geographical location, role within the business/school/hospital/community, or other attributes for messaging. When an emergency alert is sent, administrators can select only the groups(s) for whom the alert is relevant, notifying only individuals or subsets of people who are at risk and minimizing disruption.


This feature is especially valuable during widespread emergencies for companies and communities to ensure the well-being of individuals. The system initiates a poll with a concise question. Utilizing GPS, the "geo" feature tracks the location of those requiring assistance, while the reporting function identifies non-responsive individuals. Gather real-time responses via SMS, email, and voice calls, all without requiring an app. Efficiently collect and organize responses into comprehensive reports for analysis and prompt action.